Friday, 16 April 2010


The Holga owes its stunning images to a few factors: a fresh, simple wide lens, a long exposure option, the ability to shoot multiple times in the same frame and partial frames to name a few. Ideally I'll need a flash to go with it.
My new toy camera. Keep checking for uploads of my first film.

Da vinci screenprint

I recently attended a screenprinting workshop. Heres my print.

Some from my sketchbook

Unknown Land

The brief was to design a country working in groups. This was the longest project we'd been given so far so we really had the chance to explore lots and lots. Miglena, Sandra and myself decided to base out country on natural pattern and evolution(ish).
I learnt to use the laser cutter.
Heres lots of pictures!


We made a film which i can't upload yet because I'm not too hot at that kind of thing. But heres some lovely pictures of the process.

Magical Museum

If Ipswich Museum were to host an event it should be like this.

I had loads of fun with this. I used wax crayons for the first time in ages! The smell took me back a few years. I remember trying to colour in rectangles of flat colour with them as a child, always unsuccessfully. I hated them for that.

Letter Chair

A chair based on a type face.
Not to be taken too literally.
So feeling slightly under pressure/uninspired/ "i dont like this brief"-y, I decided that i wanted my chair to act as an illustration to a story, and therefore it would serve no other function other than as a visual. My chair is designed in response to an inevitably sarcastic story, with thanks to a little bit of writers magic from my boyfriend Ben. Check him out- www.

London: to be precise.

I think this comes next. A series of pocket travel books about London - Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Seven Dials, Soho, Broadway Market, Brick Lane, Bow Bells and the Millennium Footbridge.

Basically I created a mind blowingly stereotypical character for each of the areas. Photocopy, cut and stick. Montage together for a poster.

I love London.

I did these for it in my sketchbook

People should knit

We visited the Imperial War museum with a brief to design something to be sold in the gift shop.
I focussed on the women of the war, such a girl. Starting with the war-time classic "Make do and Mend", I wanted to salvage this slogan and update it in relation to the recession.

"Learn to knit". Thats aimed at both boy and girls, ladies and gentlemen.

I did these by hand with Indian ink. For me, my mac is an awesome tool, but my hands always produce the best work. They're closer to my head, my thoughts, and produce wonderful little accidents that my laptop just won't.

They're kinda simple, and have a home-made feel thats not too intimidating. Im intimidated by knitting needles. I don't have the patience.

Here goes.

Finally, my blog. Belated blog..... sincere apologies! To be honest I'm still not entirely convinced by the "blog", though never say never.
So starting from the very beginning...Publish Post